The 9/11 Strike Never Happened. The 9/11 Operation Did.

The 9/11 Attack Never Happened. The 9/11 Operation Did.

Let’s be clear about one thing. The incredibly tragic and catastrophic events of 9/11/01 did happen. But what exactly did happen is yet to be known. The truth is unfurling rapidly and in spite of all the pain and suffering caused, the 9/11 event has helped millions see the truth about world governments and who is really in control. The Scriptures declare that wickedness will fall into their own traps. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the staged events of 9/11 — the trap the global elitist set against humanity — was the bugle reveille that woke up the world to the truth.

But in our pursuit of justice and truth in the 9/11 event, a more accurate terminology would help others wake up to what actually happened. The conspiring government and mainstream media accomplices would have us continue to refer to ‘9/11’ as an attack or strike. These are military terms and give undue credence to the ‘war on terror’ lie. A strike is a military term suggesting an attack from an opposing enemy force. This fits nicely into the lie that America was attacked by foreign Islamic agents using an act of terror as the tactical method.

But this does not define the ‘event’ properly. The 9/11 event — which is itself an inappropriate title and is an offense to the victims and everyone else affected — was a false flag operation. Yes, ‘9/11’ was an operation. It was a covertly devised plan and physical operation that used terror, destruction, and murder in a tactic of psychological assault and trauma-based mind control. 9/11 was not a strike; 9/11 was an operation.

We should try to identify the terminologies implanted by the perpetrators and co-conspirators of the government-sponsored, 9/11 false flag operation. Terms like ‘collapse’ might be more appropriately called demolish. For example, “The WTC towers collapsed on 9/11” might be replaced with “The WTC towers were demolished on 9/11.” And in respect to the lives lost, which is the most tragic of all where very nearly 3000 people died, truly and in no uncertain term, those 3000 were slain.

9/11 was an operation.

That’s the way the uncontrolled opposition tells it. We tell it like it is.

Keith Kampschaefer
12/18/13 (1st ‘UO’ article)

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