Secret Space Program: Peter Levenda [Video]

A very informative and comprehensive address that identifies the people and events that make a connection between the UFO phenomena, occult practitioners, Nazi scientist, JFK assassination, and the 9/11 False Flag Operation.

Although I have a different point of view than Mr. Levenda on a number of things, the overall message of elite powers driving the space exploration program is worth considering. (continue below)

Secret Space Program: Peter Levenda

Most of us are aware of that the elitist have sought a sanctuary to protect themselves from the wars they create as they did in WWII hiding out in Switzerland. With the nearly certain use of nuclear weapons being used in the next world war, there may be no defensible geographic location on the surface of the earth. Having compiled a blog post on underground military bases and bunkers being the next refuge for the global powers, I didn’t consider the possibility that a complete abandoning of earth by way of space travel might also be the method for their escape.

Certainly, another decade or two of technological advances being achieved at the current pace or faster would make this much more compelling, so the elitist would very likely want to continue this research and development in space travel should their planned implosion of the world system be postponed.

But in my view, things are much further along than most would like to accept and a chaotic global event that would necessitate the elitists taking refuge is at the threshold. Therefore, the sanctuary of D.U.M.B.s may have to do.

Keith Kampschaefer


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