Satellite Based Weather Wars Video

Sea Based X Band Radar

SBX-1 HawaiiAlthough I don’t necessarily agree that the SBX (Sea-based X-band Radar) has been or is being used for weather modification and environmental warfare such as earthquake triggering, I don’t doubt that its highly advanced technology and powerful capabilities might not assist other weather manipulating systems such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) if integrated to do so.

The SBX is a highly functional radar system that supposedly can detect a baseball-sized object from a distance of 2500 miles. That’s equivalent to tracking home-runs hit by Barry Bonds at Candlestick park from a telescope atop the Roman Empire State building. Talk about the nose-bleed section.

And with this kind of power, it not beyond reason to consider the possible application of SBX in climate control or weather warfare. In this case, where it appears the radar platform is being moved into a defense position nearer to the Korean peninsula, its primary use is most likely for early warning missile detection.

But though this video presents a possible scenario of the SBX’s use in creating an earthquake; if indeed there is one within this period of tension, I would say it is of no coincidence and was most likely technologically triggered. Whether SBX or not, it is the timing of recent weather and environment related events that can’t be ignored.

STORM IKE PATHThere’s plenty of evidence for ‘unnatural persuasion’ in nearly every storm or natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina. We’ve had Hurricane Ike track through the Ohio Valley, Hurricane Isaac timely disrupt the Republican convention in Florida, Hurricane Sandy as the new poster child for an October Surprise, not to mention the strange events witnessed before the Japan quake which was nearly of Biblical proportions and may be an environmental time bomb for our children.

This video speaks of the weather modification taking place in these chaotically escalating times. Unfortunately, too many are ignorant of the fact and those who are aware, are too little; too late.

by Keith Kampschaefer


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