’cause a perp is definitely a chicken!

Sometimes a little abrasive humor toward the enemy can lift the spirit. Not forgetting that Jesus commands us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Mat. 5:44), we are occasionally encouraged by others who seems to recognize the character and courage some display in their trials and tribulations.

Due to the nature and sensitivity of some topics, it may be necessary that these ‘atta-boys’ be delivered subtly and in unassuming packages. But those who are able to recognize the rare but precious tokens of recognition and applause delivered from the bleachers receive from these an encouraging boost. These are like a cup of cool water given along the hot and arduous journey and struggle of life.

Thank you Parker and Hart.


Strong evidence for possibly the first two targeted individuals (TI) in the world provided by Wizard of Id©


Is that a chicken?

Yep, that’s a chicken, but a TI it ain’t…
’cause I ain’t never met a chicken that was a TI…
but I sure met a lotta chickens and them chickens was perps…
’cause a perp is definitely a chicken!

Thank you.

Please watch this gangstalking video.

Perp RadarNj

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