Manchurian Candidates & Gang Stalking

Organized Gang Stalking White Van PerpsOrganized gang stalking is also called predatory gang stalking (predator vs. prey). The prey is sometimes killed — reality! This system has a structure very similar to multi-level marketing.

It is much more loosely affiliated than “pyramid” networks but the hierarchy structure of many boots on the ground (distributors of woe), less community organizers (directors of chaos), and a few ‘godfathers’ (superintendents of execution) at the top is obvious.

The assaults and attacks come in a myriad of ways but can be identified primarily in three aspects. The first and most obvious is the direct intervention into the targets life by physical presence or simply, the stalking. The second aspect is the indirect assaults that are executed by negatively affecting all elements of the targets connection to society including financial, medical, educational, career, or anything that would have a paper trail. This aspect involves the character assassination by way of falsification of records and slander to all who have been, are, and will likely be associated with the target including the closest family and friends. The third aspect, which is an evolution into a more hideous evil from a historical perspective is the advent and availability of lethal and non-lethal directed energy weapons. This aspect of the gang stalking is called electronic harassment. This alone is a topic unto itself due to the unimaginable dimensions and technological capabilities of today’s electronic weaponry.

Freemasonry PyramidA high level of involvement from secret societies, fraternities, cults, and clubs is the backbone. Freemasonry and other “white masonry” clubs (beer/cigar/do-gooder clubs) as well as unions, fraternities, and cults indoctrinate unsuspecting individuals into gang stalking using peer pressure. This system has been perfected into the ideal killing mechanism. Silent kill, slow kill, soft kill are all fitting terms.

A slow death by assassination from co-conspirators is achieved by a continuous stream of “soft” blows to both the individual’s body and mind as well as his/her environment. Defamation by slander, isolation by rejection, demoralization by bullying, destabilization by unemployment, and despair by complete poverty and loneliness.

Many victims fall into the psychiatric institution while others are provoked to rage and are incarcerated. Then of course suicide often follows despair and these numbers as well as the those of incarceration or institutionalization are kept suppressed or categorized by some excepted diagnostic title such as schizophrenia.

Mask ManchurianFinally, there are a few who are used as Manchurian candidates to fuel the gun control agenda and other invasive government initiatives. Aaron Alexis, Jared Loughner, and possibly James Holmes (he seemed cooperative) and Adam Lanza (with accomplices).

Basically, the onslaught of psychological attacks is trauma-based mind control. So some of these individuals fall into the hands of CIA-connected psychiatrist who then phase in the element of psychotropic medication to create the optimum mind-controlled slave or ‘Manchurian candidate.

by Keith Kampschaefer (12/31/2013)


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