The Breakthrough

Temple Veil


The breakthrough has already happened. When Jesus declared, “It is finished!” – this was the final word. This is the Lord of the Universe upon the Cross making a statement to the entire world, the entire creation, “It is finished!” What does it mean to say — it is finished? Does this not mean: it is doneit is final; in a sense, The end!…? What do you say when you finish or complete a project? Don’t you say, “I’m finished” or “I’m done?” If you wrote a book and after many long hours and much effort and finally composed the last few concluding paragraphs with a resounding crescendo and compelling statement, would you not lay down the pen, lean back in your chair, and declare, “at long last, it is finished!” End of story!…print it!

This was what Jesus Christ did. He completed the work; the work of rescue, of redemption, of restoration. There is nothing else to be done for the restitution of our sins but for us to hear and understand those words and believe in the authority of Whom they were spoken. Would you dare add to a work, a project, that the Lord Himself had declared complete? Would even the slightest entertaining thought of critique or embellishment be an insult and an offense to He who created the universe — He who himself is perfect and without blemish, flaw, or error?

When Jesus died, the curtain of the temple was ripped open from top to bottom. The temple curtain was torn completely in half. COMPLETELY! Not partially, not half way, but completely. This is an emphasis on the work of Christ our Savior being complete, full, and final. This is the shattering of the veil that separated us from God; this is the breakthrough. We are now required to believe in Him as Who he declared Himself to be and rest in the authority of those words spoken, “IT IS FINISHED!” We can add no more to our own redemption. Everything we add — everything else — is an insult to God, is as filthy rags.

When we stand before the throne of judgment, what will be the basis of our case, what will be the strength of our argument? Some of us will have a tally of things we did that we thought would make us worthy to inherit the kingdom. But as God patiently listens to our dissertation of deeds; at the end, He will say, “Was not the blood of My Son enough for you? Did you consider His sacrifice insufficient in some way that you have brought here before the heavenly court your own works? Can you claim these works as your own as if you were a pile of dust that decided to raise itself up to something in the image of God and possess reason and ability?”

In the parable of the ten virgins, Jesus tells the five foolish virgins who arrived at the wedding feast late because of insufficient oil, “Truly, I say to you, I do not know you.” – Mat 25:12 ESV. That is what the Lord will say to us if we are depending on anything other than the Blood of the Lamb, the completed and finished work of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

Hallelujah and Amen!

By Keith Kampschaefer (Sept. 16, 2012)

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