What’s Happening to the Homeless? (Video)

I understand it’s the middle of winter right now in North America and the likelihood of seeing a homeless person out in the elements in the suburban area where I live is extremely low. But even in the warmer seasons, it seems that the homeless travelers and overpass dwellers are becoming less noticeable.

Lonely City at DuskOthers as well as myself have speculated about something happening to the homeless and that there may be a coverup of a possible crime against humanity. We can’t dismiss the state of the economy and how fewer and fewer thriving businesses is going to snowball into an exponential growth of unemployed Americans. These are the poverty-stricken people whose homes are foreclosed on and who lose everything they have because the streams of income and provision are dried up.

So when The Old World Order posted this video on their Facebook page, it immediately caught my eye. After watching it, it’s clear I am not the only one who has noticed the strange disappearance of the homeless and who is also concerned about what is happening to them. Over the last year or so, I have had this conversation with a few others and hopefully by spreading this news and video, a clearer understanding of what is going on will ensue. These homeless people are our fellow Americans, sometimes even being veterans who risked their lives serving our country. Please share this information with others and in your conversations, ask others why they are no longer seeing the sojourning souls across our land?

Almighty God, protect the homeless from the bloodthirsty elite and help me to do what I can to help them.


Keith Kampschaefer, 1/17/2014

Video: Homeless Round Up Has Begun: Depopulation Agenda

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