Frost Damage to Crops Due to Weather Manipulation

In the past few years I have seen a heavy frost or freeze happen after the trees are in full bloom or blossom. There is no doubt in my mind — and the minds of many others — that weather manipulating technologies are being used to sabotage the agricultural climates to reduce food production.

There are quite a number of articles on the Internet about droughts being engineered to destroy crops, grazing areas, and ecosystems. But there is a tremendous amount of crops, especially fruit crops, that are being lost to unpredictable and unnatural late season freezes and frost.

Today, we are experiencing a cold snap with the majority of trees in the area being fully budded and many in full blossom. The temperature will dip well below the freezing point and depending on the humidity, could produce a severely damaging frost and freeze on fruit tree blossoms.

After researching previous temperature patterns going back to the year 2009, it seems that there has been a heavy frost or freeze around full blossom and then another a few weeks or a month later during fruit set. Whatever survives the first chill seems to be taken out by the second.

This current cold snap seems very similar to weather patterns in the last few years so it will be interesting to see if another cold snap and dip to the frost or freezing temperatures will follow in late April or early May.

My bet says the guy in the chair of the HAARP control panel will make it happen. He’s just waiting for the temps, locations, and durations to set the gauges at.

— Keith Kampschaefer (4/15/2014)

Indianapolis bloom and frost pattern

The pattern seems to be a double strike. The first strike of 2014 happening now.

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