Stealthy Jesuit Joe Biden – CIC

Many, if not all true followers of Yeshua-Jesus believe we are in the last days. And with that comes our knowledge of the Scriptures foretelling of the spirit of the antichrist. The debate as to whether this is one “person” or an end-time “attitude” taking hold of the world is a valid, but not necessarily divisive argument. An ounce of uncertainty keeps lookouts on all bastions.

But this we know, that corrupt men use charisma and charm to hide the evil within. “14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” – 2Co 11:14 ESV

Not taking our eyes off the big picture, an occasional focus on a stroke of the canvas can give added insight to the whole. Zooming in on a particular character, in this case Joe Biden, seems more significant to the landscape than noticed at first glance.

Joe Biden with Saints Mural in Background

Joe Biden with Saints Mural in Background

Here, we have an image of Mr. Biden standing in front of a mural of early saints. Conditioning? Certainly! And in examining the myriad of other meeting-related photos of Joe Biden, he seems quite equipped to be cast for the role of “charmer in chief” as he greets political dignitaries throughout the world with his million-dollar smile and pat on the arm.

U.S. to Move Troops to Allies Near Russia as Tensions Flare in Eastern Ukraine

Has Joe Biden flown below the radar on the world scene? Has this Jesuit trained, seemingly innocuous, nearly aloof 2nd in command career politician been mistakenly discounted as appraisals of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Jeb Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and other “valid” contenders give them “authentication?”

If the antichrist is a man, a movement, or the devil himself, that remains to be seen. And these points and considerations are not to leave the impression that I am saying Joe Biden is ‘the’ antichrist. What I am saying is that Joe Biden is not just a supporting cast member on the world stage but a leading role character.

Whether it’s the canvas of the big picture or the monitor screen of the radar being viewed, an eye-catching brush stroke and blip on the radar has now become a significant element of the world scene.

by Keith Kampschaefer (4/23/14)

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