SECRET KILL: Language, Codes, and Dissemination (Part 2)

SECRET KILL: Language, Codes, and Dissemination (Part 2)

My introduction: Part 1 and Part 2

(I decided to divide this into 2 separate posts)

Part 2

by Keith Kampschaefer

Prelude to Article 2:

whisperThe size and scope of this hidden and sadistic secret culture is beyond the belief of all but a few. It is truly UNIMAGINABLE. Let me give you an example of something that is UNIMAGINABLE.

How evil has the world become? How many people out of 100 are not corrupted, not taken in by the system, by the delusion, by the enjoyment of persecuting and torturing other human beings — taking pleasure in unrighteousness? (See 2 Thes 2:11-12).

Now bear with me for a minute as I try to make a point. What we are seeing in the totality of it all is a separating. Many people are turning to the dark side if you will and the “good” people who will not join the evil are being persecuted. The point I’m making is the percentage of humanity that will remain steadfast and true to brotherly love and those who will take up with the murderer and destroyer and the father of lies, Abaddon (Hebrew) or Apollyon (Greek).

Let me ask you this, when God first judged mankind with a world-wide punishment, how many people did He declare innocent? In the WHOLE world, how many people were not convicted, not charged guilty, did not receive the death penalty. Well, you probably know the answer to this but just in case you think this is a trick question, I’ll give you the answer. It is eight. Eight people. Out of the whole world, eight people were found righteous. Now some of you may want to argue doctrine, or semantics, or evolution, or atheism, or anything else to try to diminish the strength of my argument. You certainly have every right to believe what you want and you can shut me off at the ‘X’ like flicking a fly from a soda can.

But this is an example of UNIMAGINABLE. Now I am not saying that there are only eight people in the current entire world who are not involved with this secret evil, but what I am saying is that — in the end — it will be way more that what most people would have imagined.

So if it is this large of an organization, however loosely organized it may be, how is it orchestrated? How is a behemoth of subterfuge and secrecy carried out; how is it driven, motivated, and lead? This is what I would like to touch on in just a small measure, as to explain the details and intricacies of the entire NETWORK would take so much more than what I can share in this one article and would likely require at least a small paperback to do justice.

So what I will attempt to do is to explain the dynamics involved in keeping the system going from a motivational factor, from the spirit and energy for the monster, if you will. There has to be a power over these people to drive them as well as to keep them in line, to keep them from straying from the regime.

What you will read here is the Rah Rah cheer that keeps the “troops” moving and the threats that keep them from straying, from “talking out of school.”

Much of this is done with the media in nearly all forms including print (newspapers), mainstream media, alternative and Internet media, advertising and production — all of this tied in with corrupt governments and industries. It is the assault of the media industry and it’s employees who write the scripts that drive much of the “Go Gett’em” fanaticism that fuels the evil persecution and torture of those targeted individuals and government and industry provides the juicy content.

These are the messages that cover the airwaves, living rooms, vehicles, cell phones, airports, malls, computers, and anywhere a person may be “tuned in” to see what the latest NEWS HEADLINE is.

Article 2


News Headlines, Advertisement, Commercials, Billboards, the Internet, and More.

The following is a list of terms frequently or periodically used in the media to describe or refer to actions, ideals, or titles in the state, national, or world geopolitical, economic, or social areas. These terms or phrases are a few of the most common that I have identified that seem to parallel activity involved in organized, predatory gang stalking and Targeted Individual systemology. This list primarily includes my interpretation and definition of the term or phrase as it is used in the organized stalking and harassment society, but does not always include the meaning intended for the general populace at face value, although even here, terms like “fast and furious” do not seem so appropriate for what actually took place. Although my discernment may be in error, you would be hard-fought to convince me that there is not a significant amount of—if not complete—truth to this. If am in error, let it be in details and specifics, but let the truth be the arrow hitting so close to the mark, it makes the accused shift. Let truth reveal the shifting. This brief list includes only those terms that have a blanket effect to the broad but secret culture of organized evil. There are many more terms used on an ‘individual’ basis.

Being a target of psychological harassment and physical harassment in the form of directed energy weapons, poisonings, and environmental sabotage for many years, I have also been mocked with hundreds, if not thousands of subtle, subliminal, and overt messages and themes up to this very day. I have collected many files, though not as much as I could have, during this time. Most of these files include screen-shots, photographs, and text documents that contain harassing and mocking messages, innuendo, and accusations specifically directed at me. Now I know that there are many others, if not millions of others, who go through similar, if not the same, attacks as I do. And I hope that I can try to help those others who suffer as well as help myself by trying to expose some of the attackers tactics.

I recognize many attacks from all forms of media, communications, advertisements, and programs on a daily basis. I would someday like to compile a document which includes “hits” of a more personal—and sometimes even embarrassing—nature, in hope of bringing this into a sharper focus but for now, I want to direct your attention to a larger, though somewhat more vague and subtle tactic. The tactic I am referring to is the use of ‘implanted’ or ‘chosen’ words or phrases in media material.

I believe that there are coded words and these coded words have double meanings and are read by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of organizers, operatives, and perpetrators throughout the country every day. I believe these messages are a form of instruction, as well as a form of motivation and entertainment, broadcast or published in main stream media, conservative and liberal media, and many other places every day. Remember, this is a secret society and messages have to be — for the most part — unrecorded and untraceable.

I’d like to give a few examples of how a news headline might be formatted to include an instructional hidden message directed toward an “audience”. At first glance, these may seem vague. But reading on, a clearer picture of this subtle tactic will emerge. Again, these examples are more group oriented. It’s much easier to attack individuals under surveillance with specific mocking.

Example 1 – Internet News Site might include a headline that reads:

Judge report INCREASE concern of ‘fast and furious’…

(which means: ‘INCREASE activity’ or ‘attack faster and more furious’)


Example 2

The blaze fueled by trash at ‘Occupy’ protest…

(which means: keep the target(s) busy)


Labor unions seek ‘shovel ready’ or ‘green jobs’…

(which means: kills waiting and dough for deeds)

Here is a brief list, not in any specific order. Remember, these are ORDERS that the perps MUST follow. To break any of these is very, very, serious, as exposure of their deeds is like sunlight on Dracula.

snitches get stitches“Don’t ask, don’t tell” = Keep your mouth shut. Do not discuss this. Don’t ask others anything because they may not be “in the loop”. Don’t tell others anything because they may not be “in the loop”. Don’t ask any questions and don’t make any statements. This is essentially the same thing, though not quite as threatening, as “snitches get stitches.”

“Stand your ground” = Follow the instructions we give you to use against your target. Do not waiver or be negligent in your responsibility. Each person has a specific “task” to do so do what you are supposed to do. “Stand your ground”

“Fast and Furious” = Operatives (perps) engage in multiple and even simultaneous attacks, mocking, stalking, harassment, and skits in full-onslaught mode. They hit the target(s) with everything, heavy and hard, “fast and furious.” Other terms used in news headlines are, ‘ESCALATE’ or ‘INCREASE’

“Occupy” = Visit, invite, offer, instruct, entice, trap, or whatever you can to keep the target (TI) busy, confused, bewildered, or immobilized. Essentially, keep the target occupied. This is short for “Occupy wall street/main Street, etc.” This ‘Occupy’ message is often given if the TI begins to fight back, for instance by contacting others or blogging. They (the syndicate) don’t want too many TI’s joining forces or sharing information.

“If you see something, say something.” = If you see something going on with the target (TI) that seems odd, out of the ordinary, or that can be used against him/her, tell your “community organizer” about it, especially if it could be organized resistance.a id=”see-something”> This language is straight out of Nazi Germany’s stasi civilian informants which is what most perps essentially amount to. Sadly, they don’t even realize it, just as the German citizenry did not realize how the level they’re depravity had reached.

“Community organizer” = The ranking supervisor and instructor at the top of the community hierarchy who receives or interprets orders from “above” and distributes, delegates, or disseminates those orders to the community ‘foreman’ or local perpetrators (perps). This person, more than likely, has a military, law, or intelligence background. They run the PROGRAM in a city, town, suburb, or parish, depending on population.

“Stimulus” = Generally referring to technological methods to assault, attack, annoy, confuse, or alter a person’s physical, mental, or emotional self. This is often recognized in the ‘TI Community’ as directed energy weapons (DEW), electronic weaponry, remote neural monitoring, mind control, electromagnetic wave assault, or other ‘man-made’ tools and or instruments used against a target by satellite signals, ray guns, etc. These are things done beyond local or direct methods of effect — more covertly — by the simple physicality of a person or persons (perps) done to the target or his/her environment. [After further study and more experience, the term ‘stimulus’ may be the life-blood that keeps this beast ‘pumping.’ Is much of this supposed stimulus money actually being used to pay the perpetrators for the work they do? Is ‘stimulus’ and ‘pumping’ actually the funding for these nefarious ‘green jobs.’ 6/3/13]

“Pumping” = In the broad sense, the method of attacking a target with waves of assaults by alternating intensities and severities. This effect causes the target to lower his/her defenses in “calmer” periods, leaving them more vulnerable—and consequently more affected—when attacks resume or increase in intensity. This pulsing may be used to try to “break” the target in a moment of being off guard and causing them to “go over the edge.” The usage may also be derogatory. This term is short for “Fed pumping”, where you might hear a reporter reference a government official saying, “We will interject more monetary stimulus into the economy” which means, the Fed will be “pumping” more money into the economy.

“Ease and Tease” = Similar to the previous “Pumping” but actually even more hideous. This is the method of “toying” with a target in a tauntingly covert or even overt way. Simply put, it means to back-off a little and used subtle taunts and mocking against the target. In the political or economic sense, this is the Fed affecting the national or world economics, especially stocks, by suggesting the possible interjection of “new” money into the system in the immediate or near future.

“Shovel Ready” or “Shovel-Ready Job” = This rather threatening term may have several aspects or applications. Primarily, it might be used to describe the “available and immediate” income “opportunities” or “jobs” applied to an individual or group of targets (TI’s). In other words, “shovels are waiting, walk-ins welcomed.” More disturbingly, it refers to the specific directives in a conclusive sense involved or “available” for those targets who unfortunately and eventually do succumb to the evil perpetrated against them.

“Green Jobs” = Assignments to harass, stalk, or sabotage a target (TI) for cash payment (greenbacks). If you were to ask me what the typical rate might be for vehicular stalking or marketplace mocking, I would say from $20 to $40 bucks. My deduction here is based on news stories that included images of $20 dollar bills (usually two).

“Kill List” = Believe it or not, the federal government, and even the executive office, does have a list of individuals that are to be “neutralized.” Do not be naïve and think that this refers only to our “foreign enemies.” Those who seek the truth, believe in liberty, and stand up against tyranny are very often counted as anti-establishment and enemies of the new world order or elite world powers. If you are a true targeted individual, you are on a “kill list.”

“Global Warming” = As the level of intensity increases with the growth of the stalking network in conjunction with technological assault by way of electronic harassment to both the body and mind, the nerves of humanity begin to unravel and targeted individuals as well as others become like powder kegs waiting to be lit. We’ve heard the phrase, “a heated conversation.” In this case, we have a heated humanity that is stressed emotionally and psychologically due to and in relationship to the level of assault from the persecutory and torturous stalking and electronic harassment. And of course we easily recognize the term wherein the meaning is the state of the global climate and more specifically, the average temperature of the earth’s atmospherical surface or ecosystem.

“Climate Change” = A bit more ambiguous but obviously similar to the previous term, ‘Global Warming.’ Depending on the powers and influence of those directing and controlling the global network of stalkers and their ability to change the effect and level of assault, this may possibly mean a change of tactics in degree or method. Perhaps the global frequency grid can be adjusted to alter the combined total network’s effect by way of mass mind control. This term as normally defined is a modification and modernization of ‘global warming.’

“Day of Rage” = I’ve seen this used repeatedly in connection with events such as social disturbances, rioting, or domestic disputes that involve violence. But I suggest this is also being used in connection with a tartget or targets who finally succumb to the pressures of organized stalking and reach the point of psychological breakdown. I recognize this distinct tactic in where a target is heavily assaulted receiving a barrage of psychological blows intended to push them over the edge emotionally. Thus, they’ve reached the ‘day of rage.’

“Bitter Clinger” = Those individuals who hold fast to their faith and as much as possible, their sanity, and do not succumb to the assaults and attacks from the murderous cowards of the “syndicate” who attempt to kill with their secret torture by causing suicides, incarcerations, institutionalizations, and or worse. In other words, if you don’t give up, you are considered a “bitter clinger” “bitterly” clinging on to your life.

You can’t let them convince you that your life is not worth living, no matter how difficult things may get. You have to hold on till the end. God says, “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” Mat 24:13

“But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

Mat 24:13

“Nudge Squad” (NEW) = A government, behavioral insights team that attempts to influence society toward actions or avoidances that are deemed acceptable by a group of appointed directors or officers.

The Behavioral Insights Team, or, affectionately, the “nudge squad” is a White House experiment in finding subtle ways to get citizens to change their behavior. It will tackle problems such as getting people to conserve energy or save for retirement. Proponents of the initiative, based partly on the 2008 book “Nudge” by Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler, praise it for using gentle encouragement rather than regulations and restrictions to control behavior. [1]

Behind even this extremely Orwellian ideal is the increased “encouragement” or pressure to escalate and intensify the attacks on the ‘Targeted Individual’ community (camp) as a whole or an individual target that may be more threatening to the syndicate such as a whistleblower, activist, or journalist. The ‘Nudge Squad’ officer (controller/community organizer) may give an instructional or motivational directive, inject financial incentives — ‘stimulus’ — or added personnel or expertise in order to ‘nudge’ the target to an acceptable state determined by the syndicate or network. In crude terms, “drive the target to the edge and ‘nudge’ them over.”

“drones” = A remote-control aviation instrument or vehicle that carries out specifically instructed tasks using an array of designed functions and features.

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), colloquially known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Its flight is controlled either autonomously by computers in the vehicle or under the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle [2]

The hierarchy of the gang stalking network reaches from the street-level perps all the way to the elite class referred to often as the Illuminati. From the Illuminati or rulers, the levels might consist of programmers, controllers, handlers, and finally, the ‘street-level’ perps or ‘drones.’ The ‘drones’ carry out the attacks on the victims or targeted individuals under the persuasion and coercion of those higher ranking members such as the community organizers or controllers. The term ‘drone’ is quite fitting to these gang stalkers and attackers in that they surrendered their own will to the evil powers ruling this world.

“Snitches get Stitches” = I saw this on ##### ###### on Sept 2, 2010.” Pledge beaten by sorority sisters who warned her ‘snitches get stitches’… From the September 02, 2010 13:46:30 GMT edition of the ##### ######” This is a warning to all the perpetrators (field workers) to not divulge what is going on, basically the same as “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

“Fiscal Cliff” = This “easy one,” as I can attest to, is when a TI is nearing the point of complete financial collapse, nearly broke and penniless. This is more specific to individual targets and especially is used frequently when a “most wanted” TI nears this critical stage. I believe it is at this point that many TI’s contemplate suicide or struggle with other very volatile emotions, as this is a point of desperation for many. This is the perp hierarchy’s period of pleasure as they watch the “slow death” of their “subjects. Woe to them when they shall ask God to let their victim dip his finger in water to touch their fire-parched lips.

“Get a job” = If you don’t have a “project” (subject) to work on, GET ONE. “Get a job” This could also refer to “Get a Job” (pronounced jōb) as in Job of the Bible who God allowed Satan to destroy everything in his life except that he could not kill him. Essentially, a ‘targeted individual’ is made to be “a Job.”

“Knockout” = Knockout is a thug or gang related activity where an unsuspecting and innocent individual is brutally and forcefully struck in the head by a blind punch or punches until the victim falls unconscious to the ground. Due to its more prevalent racial nature of black on white crime, it is also known as ‘polar bear hunting.’

But it is possible this term may also be being used as a code word for ‘bringing’ a targeted individual “to the mat” so to speak. In other words, the continual, nonstop assault has brought the victim TI to incapacitation such as psychiatric collapse, incarceration, suicide, or other state of complete helplessness or desperation.

“Walking Dead” = I heard a ‘drone’ use this term as an insinuating remark toward a heavily-attacked targeted individual recently. After a coordinated verbal assault and barrage of innuendos, the ‘perp’ craftily dropped this term as the conversation drifted away.

The term ‘Walking Dead’ has been used in times past by the entertainment industry and is currently being used as a title to a television series. With the increase in intensity, severity, and occurrence of organized gang stalking, it’s rather suspicious that this term is being used for a current television program.

“Hunger Games” = Hunger Games is the title of a sci-fi novel written by Suzanne Collins in 2008. It has now been adapted to film and has a film sequel called, “Catching Fire.” The premise of the story line is about individuals thrust into toxic environments of chaos and confusion resulting in a struggle for life. Their struggle, as if being pitted against each other like Roman gladiators in the coliseum, is a spectacle of entertainment for the ruling elite and the ruled masses.

I’ll let you interpret the corollaries to the world of organized stalking and electronic harassment but it seems very similar to a revelation I had and posted on my blog in December of 2012.

The Illuminati sit in their ultra-observant, nearly omniscient viewing control rooms & play nation against nation & people against people analogous to today’s gamers playing computer games with controls, joysticks, & keypads behind huge, flat-screen TV’s & monitors.

What the previous statement says is that just as the emperors and Caesars of Rome used persecution, torture, and death of humans as a form of entertainment and pleasure, so are today’s ruling class using ‘targeted individuals’ as “contestants in the ring.”

Authors comment: In light of the pervasive, 24/7 surveillance state we now live in, to imagine a man-cave where some elitist, banking mogul lounges — Scotch in hand — in a plush, bear-skinned recliner while viewing a wall of high-definition monitors connected to every 3-letter government agency ogling the masses as his form of prime-time entertainment is not a stretch of the imagination.

There are other coded words or phrases that are being used in these and other areas and if we or someone does not begin to call these people out on this evil tactic, it will most certainly grow worse. There are a few things to watch for when reading the newspaper, Internet news website, or magazines. One of the most ‘common practices’ is to use the single quote punctuation used previously, for example on ‘common practices’. The “double quotes” are not used as much. Another text format that is used for KEY words is ALL UPPER-CASE or ALL CAPS. In addition to these, there is the underline and change in font color. Another tactic used is to include a sub-title with an article title which may vary greatly from the news headline, itself. A single sentence or phrase in an article can sometimes be deliberately inserted into an article just to be used as a “hit-line”. It is important to clarify that the majority of quoted or punctuated news headings, titles, etc. mean nothing more than what they are intended. The hidden message are intended for those who understand the “language”. This subtle method of communication allows the organization to operate quite unnoticeably and contains a strong element of plausible deniability.

I hope this information is helpful in identifying messages that contain hidden innuendo and disingenuous meanings as well as overt threats, mocking, insults, and directives. The people who are behind this type of harassment and attack are not the “useful idiots” that naively march to the orders of the local ranking operative. The people who work in the news media and advertising and entertainment industry are intelligent and resourceful and—very often, quite wealthy—and should not have an axe to grind with those they don’t even know. They are simply answering to the voice of the evil One. The One who is a liar and the father of all lies, Satan. It is becoming more and more obvious that the evil being perpetrated against the citizenry of the world is done by very powerful people who are under—at their own choosing—the influence of Satan.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend a Youtube video (below) which I believe reveals the shocking truth of the state of the world and the magnitude of wickedness and evil that is attempting to destroy God’s creation — mankind and the earth in which we live. Finally, as a Christian, I would like to ask you if you are confident in your salvation. This is very important. You must realize what God says about the suffering that His children endure on this earth. He says that in the end, it will not be worthy of the least consideration compared to the glory that will be revealed in you after this world is past, after this test is over with. (Romans 8:18) If you have not received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour, that you might have everlasting life (John 3:16), call on the name of the Lord and ask Him to save you. Repent of your sins and make Him the Lord of your life. Do not forsake SO GREAT A GIFT of Salvation. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

by Keith Kampschaefer

I find it interesting that as a group of targeted individuals are discussing the possibility of creating an organization removed from the major, US, advocacy organization for targeted individuals, today (9/19/14) the Drudge Report has this manually curated headline that seems to describe what is going on within the 'TI camp.'This is what I've been saying for over a year. That certain advocacy groups are controlled opposition and part of the 'establishment.'

I find it interesting that as a group of targeted individuals are discussing the possibility of creating an organization removed from the major, US, advocacy organization for targeted individuals, today (9/19/14) the Drudge Report has this manually curated headline that seems to describe what is going on within the ‘TI camp.’This is what I’ve been saying for over a year. That certain advocacy groups are controlled opposition and part of the ‘establishment.’


[1.] Don’t be alarmed, but the government is trying to control you

[2.] Unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone)

SECRET KILL: Language, Codes, and Dissemination (Part 2)



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