Democrats outcry over NBC host Matt Lauer’s grilling of Hillary Clinton over emails | Daily Mail Online

This is no unintended consequence. This storm of criticism was planned and propagated to garner sympathy for Hillary.
— Nothing is an accident. Nothing is random. It is all scripted.
— We should dare to speculate that every drama has been carefully drawn up to achieve the exact result anticipated.
— Remember recently when the Secret Service charged the platform to protect Hillary from an apparent disturbance in the crowd? (See video in comment section)
— You see how this portrays Hillary as a vulnerable person of the more fragile gender. It appeals to our human nature and natural sympathetic tendencies.
— Most voters will choose a candidate based on emotion rather than discerning intellect.
— What discerning intellect would have put Barack Obama in office? NONE. It was emotion that brought us Obama just as it was emotion that brought Hitler to power.

~ Uncontrolled Opposition: elijah1757

Matt Lauer has been labeled a ‘morning show lightweight’ by furious political pundits after he failed to grill Donald Trump on his claim he never supported the Iraq War during a Commander in Chief Forum on Wednesday night – but relentlessly questioned Hillary over her private email scandal.The NBC Today show host was accused of going too easy on Trump when the Republican candidate repeated his claim to have always ‘totally opposed the Iraq war’, when in fact he supported an invasion during a 2002 Howard Stern interview.Instead of stopping Trump in his tracks during the session at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in Manhattan, Lauer accepted his answer and immediately moved onto the next question – even though Clinton had told him during her interview beforehand that Trump had backed the war.Lauer questioned Clinton for almost seven minutes of a 30 minute segment over her emails, many times talking over before demanding she only briefly touch on other important topics such as ISIS.

Source: Democrats outcry over NBC host Matt Lauer’s grilling of Hillary Clinton over emails | Daily Mail Online




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