Drudge Item: ‘Fear of rigged election’

— As you may be aware, I’ve been saying Hillary is the predetermined victor of this POTUS race. But I do not support Hillary nor do I support Trump. If would happen to vote, I would vote for Trump as a symbolic action to show that my vote will count for nothing, which I may even do. Between Hillary and Donald, I would rather see Donald.
— So what is my point?
— Here is Drudge, his 2nd story, tilling the ground and planting the seed in America’s mind that THE ELECTION IS RIGGED.
— DUH ! … Who of the ‘wakeup crowd’ has not known that by now?
— But honestly, I believe Trump is way ahead of Hillary in actual support, even counting the millions of illegal Virgin Mary worshipers that the RCC has ferried across the Rio Grande to swing the election to their long sought after saint-killing Jezebel.
— Wow! Have I been missing something all along? Is it really that simple? That a “rigged election” will be the catalyst for anarchy, rioting, and rebellion in the streets of American?
— If Trump is 10 or 15 points ahead in the MSM polls and Hillary is declared the winner, do you think that is enough to bring the militias out of their bunkers and the preppers out of their shelters?
— Pay close attention to this development between now and November. Watch for signs and signals from Trump that he knows that he is going to lose and yet acts like he is getting ripped off.
— Personally, I believe he is in on the fix and in closing I’ll say this. He really is one hell of an actor and the Gipper ain’t got nothin on the Trumpster when it’s ‘lights, camera, action.’

~ Uncontrolled Opposition: elijah1757



Drudge item, ‘rigged election’ links to this story on Politico

Paperless voting could fuel ‘rigged’ election claims – POLITICO

Voters in four competitive states will cast ballots in November on electronic machines that leave no paper trail — a lapse that threatens to sow distrust about a presidential election in which supporters of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have raised fears about hackers tampering with the outcome.The most glaring potential trouble spots include Pennsylvania, where the vast majority of counties still use ATM-style touchscreen voting machines without the paper backups that critics around the country began demanding more than a decade ago. It’s also a state where Trump and his supporters have warned that Democrats might “rig” the election to put Clinton in the White House, a claim they could use to attack her legitimacy if she wins.

Source: Paperless voting could fuel ‘rigged’ election claims – POLITICO

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