Political Puppets and Puppeteers

Donald Trump’s “ultra right-wing” rhetoric appeals to the naive and fearful conservative base, many of whom are evangelical Christians and perhaps a fair number of Catholics who are themselves looking for a “savior,” a deliverer to lead them to the promised land.

It was this insecurity Hitler tapped into in conjunction with the ‘flag-waving nationalism’ that brought in the fascist Nazi police state.

But I believe the radical statements Trump is making, for example the suggestion of increased surveillance of particular religions and/or nationalities, is actually testing the waters to find the public’s acceptance level.

clubs-r-trump-04I’m on record as saying that Hillary Clinton is the predetermined victor and Trump’s role is to be the fall guy, ultimately sabotaging his own campaign and protecting/preserving the ‘real’ Republican candidates, Cruz, Bush, Rubio for example, from a check mark in the loss column.

It looks like the perfect strategy on the elites part. Bring in an outsider fall guy whose rhetoric pushes the boundaries of fascism, appealing to the masses of naive conservatives but ultimately demoralizing them in the end after having exploited their fear and insecurity to make it easier for their ‘chosen puppet’ to implement all those Orwellian controls the fall guy proposed.

And the media industry is tickled pink having dodged the boring coverage of another caucasian male Commander-in-Chief and now the thrilling, “tingle in my leg” opportunity to fawn over the latest ‘glass ceiling breaker,’ a FEMALE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!… after having fawned over the previous ‘chosen one’ for eight long years.

Trump-Clintons Puppets and Puppeteer

Mind Control in American Politics – Corbett Report

The Left-Right Political Paradigm explained by G. Edward Griffin


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