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7/15/14 — Tinnitus and Warning About ELF ‘ENDLESS WAVE’ •—• •—• (11:00 pm ET) Tonight, I’ll be talking about tinnitus and what I perceive as an increase in intensity of national or global ELF frequencies that are intended to step up the degree of domestic disturbances and chaos around the world. I’ll also talk about my personal experience in an involuntary 3-day inpatient psychological evaluation and some of the ‘perping’ that went on during the stay. •—• •—• http://elijah1757.wordpress.com and http://uncontrolledopposition.com.
— If you are aware of the increased persecution and targeting of individuals in society by this organized network of criminal gang stalkers, I hope you’ll listen in and share this information with others.
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• They call me ‘FIVE’ (3 photos)
The book was given to me in the psychiatric hospital by the ‘co-occupant’ in my room who was no doubt a perp. They call me ‘5’ because it is the number for Satan, represented by the 5 pointed star, the pentagram. But the Scripture say in the last days, “they will call evil, good; and good, evil. The Pharisee will kill the good in their self-righteousness but in the end, they will be accounted as the sons/daughters of Satan, who is called the murderer, the destroyer, and the father of lies.

7/16/14 — Did Aaron Alexis Really Contact FFCHS Before “Going Postal”? – ekeith/elijah1757
Did Aaron Alexis Really Contact FFCHS Before “Going Postal”? (11:00 pm ET)
— Tonight, are we Targeted Individuals being set up by False Flags and government psyops with the goal of having us detained as potential terrorist under the NDAA (Instantaneous – Invisible – Indefinite Detention). In other words, make him/her dissappear from the face of the earth.
— Several weeks after the ‘Navy Yard Shooting’, FFCHS (http://freedomfchs.com) was contacted by the FBI who informed an FFCHS represtative that Aaron Alexis had sent an email message to the advocacy group.
— Was this true or are the ‘powers that be’ trying to connect Targeted Individuals to those perpetrators of domestic terrorist acts?
— Did Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother of the alleged Boston Marathon Boming duo really tell his mother he was being tormented with voices in his head? Would an accomplice in a CIA-orchestrated False Flag psyop really confide this type of information to someone as if they were the ‘innocent’ victim of some underserving affliction or torment?
— So what do we have at this point? That the common denominator in these two domestic terrorism events is ‘voices in the head!’
— This is too convenient. This is too obvious. This is too much!
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Exclusive: Aaron Alexis Pre-Navy Yard Tragedy Letter Released Exclusive: Aaron Alexis Pre-Navy Yard Tragedy Letter Released – Debra Dupree
Youtube Video: TruNews – Rick Wiles Interviews Derrick Robinson of FFCHS
Aaron Alexis/FFCHS Timeline and Analysis
— The same basic control system that was established for handling these mind-control experimentees has since been applied to the TI community, at the very same time that government mind-control targeting was expanded among the general population, so that today we see the TI community in a very similar setting to that of the UFO community. For this control system to work, there must be key players who pose as TI sympathizers – high-profile spokespeople, advocacy groups, self-professed whistleblowers, writers, investigators, purported TIs making wild claims, etc. – but who really act as target identifiers, handlers, disinformation agents, etc.
— This is the essential purpose of FFCHS. All of the same elements are present. All of the key players involved in the TI community work together behind the scenes while often appearing to act independently and sometimes at odds with each other, but in the end, their goal is the same.
Boston Marathon bomber heard voices in his head, got no help: report
Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, one of the two brothers who set off the bombs that killed three and injured more than 260 on April 15 and was killed in a standoff with cops, told his mother that the voice “felt like two people inside me,” friends and relatives told the Boston Globe. But she rejected any suggestions to get him help. (Read full article)
•—• A brief legal (and mildly political) analysis of the NDAA •—•
Pursuant to section 1021(c), the president may dispose of such covered persons according to the Law of War, including: 1) Indefinite detention without charge or trial, 2) Military tribunals, and 3) transfer to foreign jurisdictions or entities.
— Section 1021 does not exclude U.S. citizens and legal aliens for actions occurring within the United States as section 1022(b) does. In fact, the U.S. Senate rejected an amendment by Senator Udall that would have banned the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.’
In fact, the office of President, under Bush and Obama, has asserted the ability to designate persons captured within the U.S., including U.S. citizens, as enemy combatants subject to the Law of War. Certainly, clarity from the Supreme Court is called for.
— If U.S. citizens (and others) within U.S. may be designated as enemy combatants, numerous Constitutional rights and protections afforded defendants in normal criminal proceedings and trials for treason would not be present.
Think about that: you may be indefinitely detained based on hearsay that proves you were more likely than not an enemy combatant.
(Read full article)


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