Controlled Opposition

How to Recognize Controlled Opposition
— A Targeted Individual’s Perspective

‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ – Lenin

Real Live WolfThere is a question that needs to be asked much more frequently than it is now and that question is, “Who among us is an agent of the enemy; a wolf in sheep’s clothing eyeing the prey for the controlled opposition?

The fact is there are more of “them” than there are of “us.” This is based on the Scripture verse, Mat. 7:13-14,  where many take the path of destruction and few find the straight and narrow. So it must conclude that in any group of people — say of at least 25 individuals — there is likely a handful that are agents and infiltrators of the opposition, and this is being generous.

In Nazi Germany, there were plain-clothed citizen informants (stalkers) called IMs (inofizielle mitarbeiter), or “unofficial collaborators.”1. These naive and cowardly people became “neighborhood agents” for the Stasi state security force. On page 19 of Mark M. Rich’s book, THE HIDDEN EVIL, it supports the previous claim that out of 25 individuals, a handful (5) will be agents of the opposition. Take note of the use of the term, informer, which is interchangeable with stalker.

Funder continued, “In the GDR, there was one Stasi officer or informant for every sixty-three people. If part-time informers are included, some estimates have the ratio as high as one informer for every 6.5 citizens.” In his book, Stasi: The East German Secret Police, John O. Koehler agreed that when you add in the estimated part-time IMs, “the result is nothing short of monstrous: one informer per 6.5 citizens.”

This ratio dramatically changes if one is standing up and boldly speaking out against his/her opposition. In this case, one has become a targeted individual and the enemy is attacking with a deliberate, strategic, and calculated force with the intent to neutralize the person.

Zero Fighter PlanesThis is not rocket science. The plain truth is, that some of those ‘pics’ below the title Friends, are not ‘friends’ at all, but enemies. And a number of those acquaintances that meet us in virtual communities for support and tell us they know what we’re going through know very well because they’re the ones doing it to us!

“Oh my gosh! Can you believe what he just said?!

Most of us have been programmed and intimidated into the “we” mentality, the ‘group think’ and “No ‘I’ in team” brainwashing and propaganda. So the individual is discouraged from speaking the truth, however ugly and offensive it may be to those who don’t want the boat rocked and those who were raised on the lie, the children of the devil.

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. – Jhn 8:44 KJV

So if there are wolves among us, then why do our supposed advocates seem to turn a blind eye to their attacks and sometimes seem even to encourage and participate in these attack?

This brings me to the gist of this article. In the ‘TI community’ (cringe – I abhor that title)…in the TI camp, there are several organizations that have arisen that are considered by many ‘TI’s’ to be a source for support, advocacy, and awareness for the phenomenon known as organized gang stalking and electronic harassment. These organizations are designed to be magnets and “refuges” to bring together targeted individuals who share common issues and symptoms from this activity.

But in my experience, there seems to be a lack of progress in bringing this topic to the forefront of today’s conversations, both in the news and out. And though there are a number of individuals within the group who are working diligently for the cause and very sincere in their efforts, there seems to be a ‘governor’ or throttle on the growth and momentum of the group’s efforts.

Social Networking

Image source: Wikipedia

Speaking from personal experience, I have repeatedly suggested and encouraged the use of satellite groups establishing a presence outside of, which has a very small presence on the Internet in comparison to,, Yahoo, Google, etc. But the suggestion has met opposition for the most part as if these ideas to spread the word on the plight of TI’s is beyond the “established” boundaries and grazing outside the corral.

Crosswalk Stop HandDoes it seem as if there is a deliberate effort to ‘contain’ the support and activism of victims of gang stalking within the conference and chat service?

(Continued below after this table showing the reach (audience) of the top virtual communities in the world.)

Virtual Communities (from 2010-2013)dates vary due ‘access’

Rank Name Registered users Active user accounts Date of stat Country of origin
1 Facebook 1+ billion* 1
Sep-13 United States
2 Tencent QQ 784+ million* 712
Sep-12 China
3 WhatsApp 400+
Dec-13 United States
4 Google+ 540+ million* 300
Oct-13 United States
5 Twitter 500+ million* 200+
Dec-12 United States
6 LinkedIn 225+ million* 160
Jun-13 United States
7 Tencent Qzone 597+ million* 150
Sep-12 China
8 Odnoklassniki 205+
Apr-13 Russia
9 Skype 663+ million* 280
Jan-13 Estonia
10 Sina Weibo 500+ million* 100+ million* Feb-13 China
11 Tumblr 110+ million* 100
May-13 United States
12 Instagram 100+
Feb-13 United States
13 Windows Live 100 million* 100
Dec-12 United States
14 Dropbox 100+ million* 100
Nov-12 United States
15 Nimbuzz 150+ million* 100
Jun-13 Netherlands
16 VKontakte 220+ million* 100
Apr-13 Russia
17 LINE 150+ million* 150
May-13 Japan
18 Yahoo! Groups 115+ million* Sep-10 United States
Citation Needed (Source: Wikipedia)

Personal Attacks (“perping”)

There has been an increasing unwelcoming spirit coming from many of the TI’s (or actually perps) as well as subtle “perping,” snarky comments, and a general feeling of ostracization. Of course when one speaks the truth unwaveringly and from a fear of God, certainly there is going to be those who do not appreciate the resultant conviction of their rebellious lifestyle.

No TrespassingBut all of us have things in our life that go, or have gone against God’s will. We all have fallen short, all have trespassed. But He is merciful to forgive us and remove those offenses from our lives if we are willing to repent and leave the old ways behind.

The end-time prophecies are being checked off like a grocery list and the time for reconciliation with the Almighty Creator is running short. This is the catalyst  for my comments in regard to any who may still be holding on to the offensive things of this world. Whether it is promiscuous sex, illicit drugs, obsessive gambling,  binge drinking,  or habitual lying, cheating, and stealing, all things that offend will not make it into the kingdom. I simply want people to be confident that they are wearing the helmet of salvation before Christ returns — live or die. There is great courage that can come from knowing you are ‘straight’ with your Maker. Amen?

But though my “intolerance,” as the spirit of Jezebel proclaims it is and who leads many to hell making sin tolerable, may be a factor, what I’ve come to realize is how magnificent and pervasive the world of organized gang stalking is. Has it not been concluded that organized gang stalking is a world-wide phenomena that involves every sector and rank of society? From religious institutions to secular governments and industry and from the homeless panhandler to the banking mogul of the elite class.

If the crime is so large, how much effort must there be to conceal it? And if that is a reasonable point, then would they who are committing the crime not use the method of suppression that is the nine-iron in their bag of tricks? What is the nine-iron? It is controlled opposition,  that frequently used club to set up an entity owned and managed by them and make it appear as though it is on the side of ‘us.’ They take the advise of Lenin and do what is best according to him.

What did Lenin say? “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”Controlling the Opposition with a heavy foot.

Controlled opposition!. Yes, these supposed gang stalking support organizations need to be carefully evaluated for signs and signatures of ‘controlled opposition.’ The likelihood of these larger support organizations being set up and controlled by the opposition is in relation to the magnitude of the crime. And in relation to the crime, ought to be the degree of speculation.

A few questions that might be asked to provide evidence of covert management are:

  1. How was the organization started and who was involved in the foundation?
  2. Are the details of the beginning of the organization somewhat murky?
  3. Who is the leadership of the organization and what is the leadership’s background?
  4. What has been the effectiveness of the organization’s method of approach to the issue(s) both offensively and defensively?
  5. Is there a method of control and favoritism in the organization?
  6. Is there a method of censorship of individuals, suppression of ideas and unequal access to the “soapbox.”
  7. Does the name of the organization contain exaggerations, implicating that they are a refuge and cure for what ails you or contain words that could be hermetic (double-speak) in nature. It is important to look for double meanings in the titles of organizations as controlled opposition organizations will often have an occult influence behind them.

CIA FloorSeveral things might be considered big red flags. If a person high in the management of an organization has previously been employed by or has a connection to the government, especially military or intelligence agencies, it is not at all unreasonable to assume that the person is likely still working for them.

In reiteration of a previous point, it is vitally important to consider the magnitude of the crime in developing an insight into this type of circumstance. Have you now realized, after pulling the veil back on ‘9/11’ just how far the government will go with their secret operations and the ensuing cover ups? Then why, when considering the magnitude of this crime — organized gang stalking — would you not consider the likelihood of a government coverup by way of CONTROLLED OPPOSITION?

by Keith Kampschafer – 1/4/2014

Credits and Sources:

1. 13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. – Mat 7:13-14 KJV

2. The Hidden Evil – Mark
Rich, Page 19 (

2 thoughts on “Controlled Opposition

  1. Wow, great article! It’s amazing how little really solid information about controlled opposition there is online. Wikipedia doesn’t even have an article about controlled opposition (not really surprising, since Wikipedia increasingly looks like an example of controlled opposition.

    I discovered your article while researching an article about controlled opposition. In particular, I’m brainstorming a list of strategies that can be used to identify agents of controlled opposition. Though it’s hard to be 100% certain, there are some amazingly simple tricks that can eliminate a lot of trolls.

    My article should be online soon @ – probably by June 1, 2016.

    Thanks again for the great resource; I may link to it on my Controlled Opposition page.

    P.S. I’m also running for office, and I’m using my campaign in part to publicize controlled opposition. Check out my campaign site @

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