Covert Gang Stalking and Oppression Terms

Alternative Title Descriptions for GANG STALKING and ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT

Part 1- Gang Stalking – Over 100 Terms

(Group and Government Forms of Covert Oppression)

This list of terms contains title descriptions that can easily be interchanged with one and another or added to or condensed.

This list alone should be sufficient to help any sincere inquisitor understand the subtle methods yet real existence of organized stalking.


1. Gang Stalking
2. Organized Gang Stalking or Robert Wood
3. Organized Stalking
4. Covert Stalking
5. Covert Harassment
6. Psychological Harassment
7. Criminal Stalking
8. Criminal Gang Stalking
9. Mobbing
10. Organized Mobbing
11. Community Mobbing
12. Workplace Mobbing
13. Workplace Bullying
14. Workplace Group Bullying
15. Community Bullying
16. Community-based Bullying
17. Community-based Stalking
18. Community-based Gang Stalking
19. Community-based Mobbing
20. Community-based Organized Bullying
21. Community-based Organized Ostracizing
22. Community-based Criminal Networking
23. Community-based Networked Stalking
24. Community-based Networked Mobbing
25. Community-based Outcasting
26. Community-based Slander and Outcasting
27. Conspiratorial Harassment
28. Conspiratorial Stalking
29. Conspiratorial Persecution
30. Secret Persecution
31. Organized Persecution
32. Neighborhood Bullying
33. Neighborhood Stalking
34. Neighborhood Harassment
35. Neighborhood Intimidation
36. Psychological Intimidation
37. Conspiratorial Intimidation
38. Government Sponsored Stalking
39. Organized Government Stalking
40. Covert Government Stalking
41. Gov-driven Harassment
42. Government Intimidation
43. Government Intimidation & Oppression
44. Government-sponsored Covert Stalking
45. Government-sponsored Community Gangs
46. Government-sponsored Gang Stalking
47. Government-sponsored Community Bullying
48. Government-sponsored Community Mobbing
49. Government-sponsored Slow-kill Torture
50. Government-sponsored Silent-kill Torture
51. Government-sponsored Soft-kill Torture
52. Government-sponsored Coercive Force
53. Government-sponsored Coercive Crime
54. Government-sponsored Coercion to Commit Crime
55. Government-sponsored Covert Criminal Activity
56. Government-sponsored Covert Group Crime
57. Government-sponsored Collusive Branding
58. Government-sponsored Covert Assassination
59. Assassination by Silent Torture
60. Tactical Assassination by Soft-kill
61. Tactical Assassination by Slow-kill Torture
62. Silent Intimidation and Psychological Torture
63. No-touch Torture
64. No-touch Psychological Torture
65. No-touch Assassination
66. No-touch Secret Assassination
67. CIA-driven Stalking
68. CIA-driven Gang Stalking
69. CIA-driven Covert Gang Stalking
70. CIA-driven Community Bullying
71. CIA-driven Community-based Bullying
72. CIA-driven Covert Community Intimidation
73. CIA-influenced Suicide by Torture
74. CIA-influenced Nervous Breakdown
75. CIA-influenced Soft-kill Suiciding
76. Networked Covert Stalking
77. Networked Secret Stalking
78. Networked Criminal Gang Stalking
79. Syndicated Stalking and Harassment
80. Syndicated Criminal Gang Stalking
81. Syndicated Nation-wide Covert Stalking
82. Persecutory Group Slander and Isolation
83. Persecutory covert Mobbing
84. Persecutory Stalking and Intimidation
85. Civil Persecution by Covert Mobs
86. Civil Torture by Psychological Harassment
87. Domesticated Organized Crime
88. Domesticated Covert Criminal Activity
89. Domesticated Conspiratorial Networking
90. Domestic Conspiratorial Defamation
91. Community-organized Defamation
92. Community-based Defamation and Blacklisting
93. No-touch Assassination by Blacklisting
94. Silent Assassination by Government Blacklisting
95. Silent Slow-kill by Government Blacklisting
96. Silent Soft-ill by Government Blacklisting
97. Sanctioned Soft-kill by Government Blacklisting
98. Sanctioned Murder by Psychological Torture
99. Government Oppression by Psychological Force
100. Government Suppression by Coercive Force
101. Government Oppression by covert Intimidation
102. Government Suppression by Indirect Influence
103. Blacklist Outcasting
104. Blacklist Character Assassination and Outcasting
105. State-sponsored Blacklisting
106. State-sponsored Intimidation and Terror
107. State-sponsored Organized Stalking
108. State-sponsored Criminal Gang Stalking

Compiled by Keith Kampschaefer

White Vans Stalker


3 thoughts on “Covert Gang Stalking and Oppression Terms

  1. Reblogged this on mstmha and commented:
    Good Education…
    But the fact remains that gang stalking by any name is still the same…
    A Local, State, Federal, and National Injustice To Many People Worldwide.
    It is the epitomy of the the Devil’s control… Undisguised.

  2. Dr. Judy Wood is an expert in building engineering and has done an investigation of the 911 data. Why are you discrediting her work? Why couldn’t DEW have brought down the towers.

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