Game on!

Is the Illuminati real? Is weather control real? Is the 9/11 an act of war or an act of deception? Is Fukishima the ‘ATOMIC MONSTER’? You be the judge!


If you haven’t been made aware of the Illuminati Deck of Cards or Illuminati Playing Card Deck, I encourage you to watch this video.

As events unfold around the world and the global elite maneuver their way into position to take over the world,  you’ll see the striking parallels to the different Illuminati Cards that comprise the entire deck or story.

Everything from the Twin Towers to the Boston Marathon Bombing are eerily forecasted in this comprehensive storyline of events.

You will begin to understand that the events that have transpired are not random tragedies, accidents, or actions but are planned executions that the evil powers have laid out in a step by step process to gain complete control of the world and the people thereof.

I encourage you to share this video with others.

Youtube Video


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