Secret Societies is Synagogue of Satan


This is perhaps the best, condensed explanation (less than an hour) of the New World Order plot from the last 4 centuries I have ever heard. From the origins of the Illuminati to today’s secret societies such as Freemasonry, Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations, and Institute of International Affairs, this message delivered a few decades ago connects the dots of elites plan to rule the world.

Learn how the Rothschild’s and other Luciferian worshippers possessing extreme wealth and power have used their influence and ambition to infiltrate virtually every institution and organization that affects and serves the needs of man.

False Flag

Learn the shocking truth of how these ultra-wealthy have used staged events called False Flags to start insurrections and wars to influence political, social, and financial operations and methods for their own personal gain.

Evil GrimesThese wicked elite who worship within the synagogue of Satan and get their instructions from…

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