The Disappearance of Flight MH370

MH370 Disappearance

Overriding this entire event, the disappearance of flight MH370, is the occult signature of numerology. Whether lives are being offered, there is no way to know at this point. But I am certain that this is a ritualistic psy-op orchestrated by the Luciferian elite, globalist. The number ‘370’ or ’37’ is an occult number.
[ 37 X (6+6+6)=666 ]. And the aircraft, a Boeing 777, is 3 7’s or ‘7’ repeated 3 times, so again, ’37’. The authenticity or “naturalness” of EVERY minute story in this event needs to be examined through that lens. This entire event and everything about it is suspect!

Give me a break! Now I’m not dismissing the possibility of casualties in this event but all of this ‘side dressing’ with subtle mockery and innuendo speaks of chicanery.

Flight MH370 Waldo


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